Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist, a rank racist, a leader in the colonization movement, and the author of the Corwin Amendment. So you nazis who are hell-bent on tearing down symbols of racism, the Lincoln Memorial should be high on your list...

Confederate Symbols

If you are stupid enough and arrogant enough to think you need to go around destroying all symbols of American racism and slavery, you should start with the American flag and all Christian symbols, such as the ubiquitous cross jewelry. Christians own...

Who Are These Modern Racists?

They are nothing like the 19th-century American Confederates. They have a lot in common, however, with Abraham Lincoln and his fellow racist, white supremacist Yankee minions.

Paul Embraced Slavery

Not reluctantly, but eagerly, enthusiastically. That's all Christians needed to keep slavery going in the US and still feel pretty good about themselves.   So much for Christians being morally superior. So much for the Bible being the authority...

Messiah Makeover

The Jewish concept of the messiah evolved over the years. After Jesus' death, the messiah paradigm got a complete makeover. It was an exercise in creative writing.

Who Was Paul?

What do you know about Paul? You need to know a lot more than what happened on the road to Damascus. Here's what your pastor doesn't want you to know about Paul.

Where Did Paul Go Wrong?

Where didn't Paul go wrong?   Christians cannot possibly understand the Bible until they understand Paul. And they can't possibly understand Paul from what they learn in church. Here's what you need to know. Here's what your pastor doesn't want...


Why did Jesus go to Jerusalem? What really happened there? What made Judas tick?   Chances are, your pastor never spent much time trying to explain the story of Jerusalem. So, I'll do his job for him. You're welcome.   Jerusalem

Narcissistic Jesus

Was Jesus a narcissist? Well, he certainly seems to be in this little story that most Christians are familiar with but don't understand. They read it and entirely miss the point.   Read it again, Christians, with your blinders off. Look at what...

Thought for Sunday

Problems disappear if you ignore them. If you have found this hasn't worked for you, it's because you haven't ignored them long enough.    

I Never Get Tired of Humiliating Christians

Jesus' own words destroy Christianity. I've already proved it in more than one way. Here's another way. Jesus debunks the doctrine of original sin. Once again, Christians would know that if they just bothered to read the bible. Did Jesus ever...

God Works in Felonious Ways

Pastor arrested for dealing drugs   Pastor arrested for sexual assault of child   Pastor, an illegal alien, is deported   Pastor arrested for sex crimes   Pastor arrested for prostitution   Pastor arrested for stealing...